14,000 New Women In Your Life in One Week? [Not what you think]

What do you do when you have 14,000 new women come into your life in a single week?

Good thing is, they’re all about the money too haha. And thanks to Facebook ads, they come in like clockwork every week 🙂

Okay, let me explain real quick what that all means.

If you’re looking to grow your business with online advertising, let me put you on your game.

If you’re wanting to figure out how people have profitable business on the internet, all while being completely mobile, there’s a few things to learn…

in 7 days

What you see in these images is 14,732 leads that came in over the last 7 days. It averages at $0.40 a lead. In this scenario, these are all women who said they wanted more information about financial education and entered their name and email.

(Remember a lead is someone who enters their email for more info on something. So we got over 14K email contacts this week)


The week before, we made 13,315 leads… It was all pretty simple so let me explain this business to you so can understand.

The targeted industry is Finance, and the target demographic is women who want to learn budgeting, improve their credit, get into stock investing, etc. All that financial education kind of stuff.

I’ll breakdown these numbers further then I’ll explain how I get these kinds of results.

Generally Finance is one the most expensive niches around…

I took these numbers from the ‘Google Adwords Keyword Tool’ today. It shows you the average cost per click for normal advertising. You can get lower or higher prices depending on how good your ads are.

Here are the keywords and the average cost per click for these keywords:

– Credit score: $13.28/click

– Secured card: $4.80/click

– Best travel credit card: $19.38/click

– How to improve credit: $4.16/click

– Online stock trading: $24.78/click

For example, let’s say a business in online stock trading wants to get more clients. So they send traffic to their website and get leads. Now let’s say it takes them an average of 3 visitors to get 1 lead. That’s $74.34 per lead!

And that’s not even a sale! They still have to convert the leads into sales and that’s a whole other story for another day.

But back to the numbers… Let’s say that this same online stock trading business knows their numbers. They’ve worked out that after a year, a customer is worth $500 to them. And they know that after 5 years, a customer is worth $4,000 to them. Whatever the number, they know how much they can spend on getting leads.

Knowing your numbers applies to every business. It’s something you need to know.

Last week we spent $3,500 for 14,732 leads.

A stock trading business would have paid about $1,095,176.88 for $14,732 leads (if we’re working off the 3:1 lead conversion ratio).

The thing is, it makes sense for them to pay that because they know their numbers and they know they’ll still profit from their efforts.

Now let me show you why Facebook is so powerful…

**Disclaimer: I have been running paid ads online for over a decade so I have a lot of experience and not everyone will see the same results.**

But even with the disclaimer, over the years I have taught thousands of business owners to get results with Facebook ads. So this stuff is definitely teachable.

First off…

CONTENT IS KING!!!! And people make the mistake of trying to figure out some super special formula. Like there’s some unknown secret they don’t know about.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you’re targeting the wrong people in the ads then your ads won’t work. But if you’re also getting the content wrong, then you can really do yourself a disservice.

Let me put it to you like this…

If there were two ads running simultaneously and both had the same exact targets, the same website, the same objective and everything. Both were 12 min video ads. The videos had the same message, the only difference was the structuring of the video and the content within it.

Now let’s say one video ad was getting $0.25 leads and the other was averaging at $3.00 per lead.

So if we’re working towards getting 14,000 leads, here are the costs:

Video 1: 14,000 leads at $0.25/lead = $3,500
Video 2: 14,000 leads at $3.00/lead = $42,000

Yeah… The structure and content of an ad can make that much difference. So again… Content is King!

For example we have a membership site and we have products as well as partnerships with different brands that we have affiliate offers with.

A single email to our list leading to an affiliate offer can cover advertising for a whole month. Then product sales and other sales of affiliate offers can be pure profit.

Then not mention the increase in brand awareness and other opportunities that arise because of the ads.

Back to content… It really does pay to have content done right or to learn how to do it the right way. It can be the difference between average profits and great profits.

For video, either learn how to create a great video, or hire someone to do it for you. My video production company has created some of the most successful ads in the finance space to date. Our videos have been viewed MILLIONS of times and created hundreds of thousands of leads and millions in sales.

If video isn’t your thing, write something compelling that engages your audience. Written copy done right also does very well. The numbers are just as good as video when done right.

Why am I telling you all of this?

In my opinion, Facebook is hands down the best platform to advertise right now.

Here’s another example of what we did in a week…


A lot of people ask me questions everyday and ask if I can run their Facebook ad accounts. But I’m only one person and can’t do it all…

So instead I wanted to put together a training for you. I’ll be having a free web class coming soon.

If you have a business already and want to see how you can use Facebook to grow your business, I’ll show you how I have done it.

If you just want to learn how to use Facebook and understand how all this crazy stuff works, I would be more than happy to show you as well.

I actually have some free training for you right now that you can watch right here

Make sure you keep an eye on your emails because in the next week or so I will be emailing out the details for the web class.

If you were wondering who my finance business partner is, it is the amazing Tiffany ‘The Budgetnista’ Aliche.

Check out one of our most recent videos:

You’ll get to meet my other business partner, Jon,on the web class. Him and I have been working on some epic stuff lately.

(He looks like Harry Potter) 

Hope this was helpful for you. I have some past articles I will email you as well that will benefit you some more.

See you on the web class here,





P.S. Make sure to register for the free webclass… click the button below


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  1. Thanks for all your training man, just watched your first training video 2 days ago and it really made me see the whole advertising world in a diffrent way your one original guy!

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