How to make money and make it look so easily while traveling?

Everybody has been asking me this…

“Jubril, How do you make your money?”

So let me break it down for you…

…one of the main ways that I earn money is through Facebook Ads.

Most of us just use Facebook for checking out what our friends and family are doing, or following people or companies that interest us. Most people have no idea at all about marketing online with Facebook ads.

Beautiful thing about Facebook starting out is you could start with a $10 a day budget and see real results. Facebook is one of the best data GOLDMINES of all time. (stick with me here… I’ll prove it)

The Facebook platform is what as known as a “PPC”  or also commonly known as a CPM model. All PPC means is Pay-Per-Click and CPM simply means Cost-Per-Impression.  I will share more on this later.

Before you start any advertising campaign you will need to know:

1. What is your objective with ad
2. Who do want to see your ad
3. What is your budget & length of time you want to run campaign.
4 .How to take people off Facebook and get them take the action to you desire.

Now let me explain really quickly how Facebook works in detail for you.:

Everything you do on Facebook is used is used to help advertisers. WHY? Because they keep the lights on for Facebook and shareholders happy. BUT on the flipside, they want user to have best experience and keep them on Facebook as long possible because that equals more profit.

I am going to use my own specific ad to illustrate how money flows. This type of ad is Image Post Engagement

Here’s your checklist:

1. My objective

– Get new audience to opt-in to email list
– Have audience be inspired and love my content and share my ad
– Have them understand it is possible to travel and start business online with this information.
The Ultimate objective is to sell a particular product to assist people live the life they have dreamed by turning their passion and skills into profits.

2. Who do you want to see your ad.

“You do this part wrong and whole campaign is done for”

When you Like something on Facebook for example Adidas, your favorite author, etc. Or you update your status with “OMG Jubril just proposed to me at dinner…”  (…LOL) then you proceed to tag the Four Seasons Hotel as the location…

…or you put the university you attended and year you graduated or “DAMN this episode of game of thrones right now is insane”.  “Just listening to this new Jack Johnson album on the way work this morning need starbucks to get thru this day”

You are telling Facebook the type of person you are…

…and Facebook gives all this information to advertisers.

To this date Facebook has over 200+ Data Points that they use to classify a Facebook user and decide which ads they will see. One data point alone is all of the websites that you visit when you are logged into Facebook. Yep, that’s for real. ALL OF THEM…

…and that is only ONE of the 200+ data points they use. They know so much about each person it might actually scare you.


So now if I am trying to be a wedding photographer who lives in Chicago. I want to target engaged women specifically (which u told Fb) and got a lot of likes though right? I know you are a woman because you selected that when you signed up.

Now if I only want to photograph college educated women that’s easy because you put what college you graduated from.

Or maybe I have luxury hotel in Caribbean and you have not decided on honeymoon destination yet. I know you have honeymoon coming up and you like luxury places because you checked into four seasons announcing engagement on Facebook.

Or if I want sell a custom iphone case with their favorite musician, etc on it I know they have iphone because you update status from phone know type of phone you like and also type of musicians you like etc.

There is no shortage I could go on and on…

I know that was a lot to digest and the rabbit hole goes so much deeper and in depth. Just wanted to give you a general understanding.

So for my product if I wanted to acquire new customers I could do one of 3 options:

Option 1: I could target men and women 18-65 and who seen the movie Hangover 2 and live in the USA.

Option 2: I can target Men 18-65 Who: Like travel channel and live in the united states

Option 3: I could target a male, 18-40 who has read 4 hour work week (book about working while traveling) who live in the USA.

Option 1 might have audience of 10 million people.
Option 2 might have audience of 2 million people.
Option 3. Might have audience of 100,000 people.

Option 1 might have biggest audience and they know Thailand and might think it cool. That is not enough to know they will be interested in starting a business online. Some might just like actors in the film, so many variables.

Option 2. I know they like travel channel and they are males so a lot more targeted. Maybe they just like to look at travel or maybe they just want one vacation a year. Much more targeted but so many variables.

Option 3. I know they are males, 18-40 and have read 4 hour work week. That book is all about traveling and making money while you travel. I know the audience is in alignment with what I am offering to market place.

Why is important to target correctly?

In a nutshell you get much cheaper clicks and sales are much easier.

For example:

Option 1. Out of 100 people maybe 1 will click my ad
Option 2. Maybe 3 out of 100.
Option 3. Maybe 12 out of 100.

For Facebook less people they have to show your ad to get a click the better.

This is a REAL example here:

Option 1 would pay: $.89 a click
Option 2: $.35 a click
Option 3: $.05 a click

Someone paying 5 cents vs 89 cents can’t compete. I see this happening everyday. Funny thing is 5 cent clicks are highest quality because they most targeted. With $20 budget a day you do the math.

I will lay out exact examples in an upcoming webinar I will be doing.

You can apply this to anything I don’t care if you selling T-shirts, suitcases, your digital guide.

MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. You can only get that by testing and testing then you can scale up from there. Let me show you some campaign numbers below:

Here’s an actual 2 week FB PPC campaign:

We generated 2188 highly targeted Leads

Each lead cost $1.87 (We spent a total of $4091 on leads )

We generated $38,111 in sales

Our operating costs included Video hosting and webinar lines and websites etc $1000 roughly

I know with this campaign during two weeks each lead is worth

$17.4 to me before costs and…
….$15.09 to me after costs.

So keeping numbers simple. If I generate leads for $2 then I know I am getting $13 back for each lead.

It’s like your own personal ATM machine. You simply put in $2 and every time you do that… you get $13 back. 

From this point its simple math… rinse and repeat.

I do this for many different campaigns and different industries. All you have to know is your numbers. Of course you need to know how to set up the campaigns effectively as well.

So here’s my question for you…

Would you like to see what $284,589.94 in Facebook Ads spend in 14 months looks like and the results that it has gotten us?

Then click here to watch a special webinar replay I just did where we pulled back the curtain and exposed what happened. 

P.S. …
Also you can see just one year those prices have increased by 300% as a whole, still cheap but not dirt cheap. You have about 2-3 year window to really clean up. Within 3 years I can I see prices going up 1200%. It happened with google and all signs are pointing the same with FB.



Feel free in the comments to ask anything.

So excited to help you reach your online business dreams.

“Mr. Think Outside the Box”



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