Jubril Homeless On Christmas?


When you know what’s inside of you is greater than whats around you…

If you watched my video above you know that I had to $20 from my brother just to buy fries for like a dollar a day for the next couple weeks to get through. 

If you’ve ever gone through anything close to what I went through… 

…keep pushing. 

Refuse to accept nothing else than the path you are meant to walk. 

Remember, everyone is in a different chapter of their life. 

Maybe you’re at a chapter in your life where you want to change your life or your career or your situation in some way. 

I’m here to tell you… the journey of a thousand miles begins with that single step. 

I’m also here to offer you that step. 

If you want to learn how I do what I do that requires:

  1. NO college education
  2. NO high school degree
  3. NO specialized or tech skills of any kind. 

Then click the link below to register for my free webclass on how I do what I do. 

Anyone can learn it and apply themselves. 

You just need a a desire to change. 

Here you go... click this link to know

Anyways I’m outta here…


Oh by the way…

Sign up for my free webclass to learn how I do what I do here

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  1. Hey Jubril

    Thanks for the video it encouraged me alot and I’m going through that right now .I lost everything recently and the only reason I can watch these videos is because I’m crashing at a friends place and he has internet -haha .I always wanted to do affilate marketing and would love to get the training but 997 dolars in South Africa is alot om money if you dont have a job but I trust God he will make a way for me .God bless you brother !

    Regards Tiaan

  2. Jubril. Gonna be watching your video today. My wife and I have started our own back office automation service. We are learning and bringing in Digital Marketers. My wife was a Corporate CAO level Accountant. Let us know if you are interested in trading for services or advice if you need accounting services. We enjoy your adventure, your honesty, and your positive perspective. We are fully converting to Digital Nomads.

  3. Inspiring story! Thank you for sharing. Agoro sounds Nigerian….? If you are, that’s another good news for us Nigerians! Keep flying high and affecting people positively, blessed.

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